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Dec. 17th, 2006

got a journal to jot down my dreams before i went to bed last night, ironically i couldn't remember anything to write down in the morning, though i know i did have a few dreams.

today i helped with sunday school, hung out with my best friend adrienne and took pictures for photo, and got somewhat caught up in some of my classes. my ex boyfriend nino is starting to hit on her, i'm not sure how i feel about it. today they were talking on aim and i witnessed him talking about me behind my back and saying that people told him i was obsessed with him. i had heard from other people that he said this about me. i got kind of upset and adrienne and i agreed that she would make it clear to him that it was a rumor and it's not okay for him to act like a petty twelve year old girl and use me as a scapegoat to boost his ego.

wrapped in a blanket by the pool

school- sooo behind, and in things that might matter (photo, deciding what colleges i'm going to apply to, psychology, chem, math, graphic design)

friends- eh, bestfriend is the closest by far, i distance myself from a lot of people, though an old party buddy was in a saturday detention w/ me this morning, we passed notes and she came to visit me at work later, it was fun

except since im grounded, my best friend and my best guy friend at the moment (who i kind of had/have a thing w/..i can tell he likes me and hes real cute but i'm not sure if i want to pursue anything w/ him) hung out just the two of them for the first time (&&completely sober) and i guess he kissed her but she wouldnt let things go any farther...shes always thought he was gorgeous but hes 2 years younger than herrr

also she went and chilled with my ex and his band and saw their show...apparently he was playing (drums) in just her boxers...we were talking about what a porn star he is. she came to visit me at work as well and we got starbucks.

i hate how i want to fuck my ex more than anyone else.

dream journal: entry 1

so i'm keeping a dream journal for psychology.
i should probably find an actual notebook to write in, but for now i'll use this.

yesterday's events:
-forgot ap language folder at home, was scared because a paper was due (that i had actually finished) but then she moved the due date back to monday
-saw the college counselor at our school for the first time, mrs. wolney came in and reminded me of how much i had to turn in for the marking period
-first weekend grounded, best friend went to see my ex-boyfriend's band play and took pictures and talked to them, then hung out with another guy friend who has romantic potential...talked to her on the phone throughout the night and joked that i was living vicariously with her

-best friend and i saw ex boyfriend and one of his friends somewhere (forgot setting), we acted like we didn't see them but the four of us were the only ones in the room, he went out of his way to walk in front of me as they left and said something like "took you long enough to realize i was here" and i gave him a hug
-some kind of theater setting?
-getting ready for camp?

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